Dynamo Package Location

Hello All,

I was wondering if there was a way that i could save all of my packages to a different location. i want to save them on a network drive at my work so anypackages i download can be imported to my coworkers computers. Is this possible. I WOULD LIKE FOR THEM TO BE ABLE TO IMPORT ONE SINGLE FOLDER WITH ALL OF THE NODES IF I CAN!

Thanks ahead of time!

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Ive already changed my package locations to be on the network. But when my coworkers try to import the packages from that file it doesnt work

Any Ideas on how they can import all of the packages at once?

I use the above method, its working for all 15+ users.
What i can think of is

Not all users have the same rights on the network drive?
It is slow when the drive is bigger than 1Tb
Not all users have the same Dynamo version.

add known issues

how do they download the packages and import them one i install them on the network

You don’t need to “download” them. They are read from the location set in the settings

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To get my Packages I use https://dynamopackages.com/
go to search and download from there
the download comes in with a not very descriptive .zip filename, which i rename asap as i forget which was which :), unpack and copy to the network location.
As you click on the name of the package before downloading you have the option to choose which version you would like and you can read the description of the package
i like it better as the package manager has just a little box where you can read.
Once setup in the network location, start dynamo with the Package Path and it reads all nodes like @Daniel_Hurtubise said


Thank you all for your inputs