Dynamo opening multiple excel files

So a little problem occured while I was working on my dynamo model. The model has as result that 38 empty excel files are getting start up (probaly more, but my pc cant handle crashes at this amount). Which is weird cause it didn’t do this before. My guess is that the problem occurs by the following part:

I think the problem lays somewhere in this part cause it didn’t crash when I didn’t have this part included. Another possibility is that it crashes because of the data.exportToExcel, this node gives an error (HRESULT: 0x800A03EC) but I couldnt figure out what this error meant.
Any way how to solve this problem?

set the boolen to false… so they start up @remco.dejong ,

can you show the whole graph? and the error message



It already did start up, that isnt the problem. But I’m 99,9% sure I did find the problem.

It puts a list inside of a list which makes it impossible to put it inside 1 excel column. Any idea on how I can prevent/solve this?
Edit, different screenshot


can you try transpose or(and) flatten

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Thanks, list.flatten did the job.

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