Dynamo Mullion

Hello people,

I was working on the dynamo to create a parametric window with mullion. (Something like ones from Esherick House)
I think I got the geometry in either surface or curve of window frame in the file that I attached.
However, I don’t know how I can translate these geometries into mullion or other elements so that I can insert them to my revit file.
Please let me know.
Thank you very much!




Esherick House Facade 1

You are using nodes that query curtain walls for mullions and panels. What you’ll want to do is create your panels and mullions as adaptive components / pattern based CW panels and them place them using one of the Adaptive Component nodes. If you do a search for “panel” or “adaptive” on the forum, you should eventually find a thread that describes the process. Also, have a look at the Revit samples that ship with Dynamo.