Dynamo Matching Index / Parameter Numbers

I noticed Index numbers change for the same Family Type Property.

Ex. URL is found on Index 20, 22, and 24 depending on the family.

Is there a way to make force the index numbers to match per the same parameter name?
(see attached)

I don’t believe you can reorder but what you can do is to use List.contains with a boolmask.
something like this.

good luck

Element.Parameters returns its information as a Dictionary, not a list, so the order of parameters (and therefore the index number) will never be consistent, even for the same category.

(I found that out the hard way- see the linked thread for way more details.)


Why don’t you use Element.GetParametrByName instead? That node doesn’t rely on the index.

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That. If you need them all and don’t want to type out the list use Element.Parameters, then Parameter.Name the. Element.GetParameterValueByName.