Dynamo lunchbox safe download


I am looking for a site where I can download Lunchbox for Dynamo. Google suggests this page: https://provingground.io/tools/lunchbox/

When hitting the link for Lunchbox download, I get a warning from my virus-/malware program that says the page: http://www.dynamopackages.com/ is not safe.

Can somebody help me, so I can find a safe download or perhaps someone are willing to provide me with a safe file?

Thank you.

Best regards Mathias, Norway

@dj_wienna You should download the Package from here https://dynamopackages.com/, do let me know if you see the same virus error here as well.


I found the Package downloader inside of Dynamo. I am new to this.

http://www.dynamopackages.com/ is safe. Whitelist this through your virus software. Sometimes they are a little picky and freak out at the nature of what is hosted. I had the same problem through my previous employer, we used trend micro.