Dynamo list filter by unique elements

Hi everyone,

I have a question about dynamo list.
I want to take only this global parameter from Floors which one is unique.
I have a trouble to take from this unique list i made (Floor 1, Floor 2) element parameters.
I think it is one node but i couldn’t find it.

I want to have list with parameters only to unique floors.
Maybe is some different way to do it.

Thanks in advance :wink:

You must provide an element to the “GetParameterValueByName” node!
…a string value is not an element!

Besides the “Element.Name” does not work in that context, find a “ToString” node… but consider not sending all those parameters! figure which one you need and send that!

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Yes, I want to do from this unique list element but i don’t know how

Maybe someone knows how to filter element to get only unique from project.

you can group by key (unique item) [GroupByKey] your floors then send these elements to the node [Element.GetParamramterValueByName] with the parameter(s) you want to obtain


Thanks, but I still have trouble to make, from this list, elements which one gives me parameters

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Thanks again :smile: but I still want select only this two elements and get parameters from them. When I put unique kays to element.getparametervaluebyname it doesnt work.

Sorry because maybe my questions are stupid but I just start learning dynamo.

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Floor1 and Floor2 are keys (actually text strings and not elements as mentioned by Mr. Erfajo)
If you only want the 1st element of floor1 you put in a code block with x[0][0] at the exit of your group
and x[1][0] for the 1st element of floor2


Yes I know that now this text strings are not elements, but my question is how to make from them elements. My start question is, how to select only unique floors and teake from them parameters.
I think there is some other ways to do it but I dont know.

Looking for type or occurrence parameters?


I just want to take some parameters from type of floors but not from all of existing in project.

In this case,
look this



Thank you so much. Element.ElementType that was the note I missed. :slight_smile:

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