Select elements by unique list

Hi, I would like to make a script, which select unique model elements according to the value of parameter. I have 20 column that have the number 1 and 10 column that have the number 2 and I only want to pick one each of number. I’ve tried with List.CountOccurences but I don’t understand why I am getting various results on the “==” node.

Is there any other way?
Thank You


The node you need is the UniqueItems from List :


As for the “==” node, it is a Boolean operator that will compare the 2 inputs and return “True” if they are the same, “False” otherwise so probably not what you were looking for here.

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Ok, but how to move from list (out) to element (in)?

Is this what you’re trying to do ?

I finally figured it out! Very helpful was your idea to use List.UniqueItems, but also I had to use List.IndexOf to link it with SelectInRevit. Thanks :slight_smile: