Dynamo issue with imported surfaces

Hello. I would like to know and ask at the same time about UVs points in Dynamo.
I work on paneling quite often and my life would be much easier if dynamo could read properly imported surfaces straight away.
Here you can see my typical result with which I face in Dynamo:

The Sample of surface was done in Rhino, exported to SAT. The Surface is not trimmed. This surface represents a future panel from which I need to get its vertices.
Usually what I do in order to get a proper result:
Get perimeter curves, filter out 2 longest of them and create Dynamo surfaces by loft and with this surfaces Dynamo works properly because it’s native dynamo surfaces already. But I face quite often with that the 2 longest curves are not that one that I need to get the loft (not opposite one). So all this facts leads to more nodes or in another words lead to more tough script. And when I work with 400-1000 panels at once Dynamo crush some times. So can I skip my additional 15 nodes and use the Node Surface.PointAtParameter in order to get vertices?