Dynamo is running very slowly

My dynamo is running very slowly. Is there any way to increase the speed? Which hardware of the computer affects the speed of dynamo? Thank you!

How is it being slow? Loading, running graphs, searching? What version of Dynamo and Revit?

This can be due to many reasons. What’s your pc specs and how big is your graph?

More importantly: how big is your data set, and are your packages on the C drive or a network share?

running slowly
thank you!

Thank you! C drive is 90GB
En,There are about 50,000 points need run.

Thank you !
I try to creating Hardscape to Match Topography. It took me three days to finish!

Thank you for your reply ! My packages is on the C drive

50,000 points is likely the first part of the issue. My guess is you’re processing each one 4 or 5 times, so it’s 200,000 hits on your RAM. To speed things up, reduce your data set.

Thank you very much! I will try.