Dynamo IronPython2.7 3.2.0 vs Dynamo IronPython2.7 2.4.0

what differentiates Dynamo IronPython2.7 3.2.0 vs Dynamo IronPython2.7 2.4.0, why can’t my ironpython script in 2.7 2.4.0 not run on 3.2.0

Are you trying to run an IronPython 2.7 code in Dynamo 3?

I am not sure that IronPython 2.7 has been made compatible for .NET8, and as IronPython2 hasn’t been updated since 2022 (not a Dynamo team thing but an IronPython team thing) I am not sure if it can be made fully compatible. You may have to try the IronPython3 engine (also on package manager) or the built in CPython engine.


Yes, i try run script ironpython 2 not compatible, in ironpython 2.7 3.2.0 not show choice ironpython, just cpython3 , what is include ironpython in cpython3 ?

Hi @ikhsan.pc

DynamoIronPython2.7 - 3.x - is for Dynamo 3.x (.Net 8 )
DynamoIronPython2.7 - 2.x - is for Dynamo 2.x (.Net 4.8 )

check this topic

Okay thank you mr.