What Python versions are compatible with Dynamo?


A small question from a newbie.

which version of Python should I use? or does it not matter?



Dynamo runs on IronPython 2.7. That’s the only version that you have available. Unless you refer to something else and I misunderstood the question.

Are there differences in the language used in Ironpython or the “general” Python.

I just want to get startet with the langauge.



Yes, It’s based on Python 2.7 while Python is at version 3.4 if I am not mistaken. You would have to check Iron Python blog and Python blogs to see what the improvements were. Also, this particular version of IronPython that Dynamo supports doesnt for example support dictionaries like regular Python would. There are a number of other differences that I can’t think at the moment, but you will get a hang of it when you get started.

I’m taking a course that’s teaching Python in 3.5. Will I have trouble applying this knowledge to help my work in Dynamo?

For most of the things that you will want to do in Dynamo - no. There might be some small things that will be a little different about IronPython but not much.

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Thanks Konrad! I’d hate to spend all the hours learning one thing to find it wasn’t useful, lol.

If you still have the option then you’re better of choosing a course that’s teaching you Python 2.7. You can then use what you’ve learned directly in Dynamo.
If you create some code with Python 3.5 then you’ll first have change that to Python 2.7 syntax (although the differences aren’t all that big, there are still differences).

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I started python 3.5, but switched the moment i found out, that IronPython only supported 2.7. Most of the time, the python you need to interact with Dynamo is pretty basic. Getting to know the Revit API and interacting with it is a lot steeper learning curve, IMO :slight_smile:

Well I can switch to working through a book and self teaching for now; was hoping for the certification at the end of the course. Can probably do that during the next go-round though - maybe working with 3.5 will be even easier after learning 2.7.

@William_Speakman I highly doubt that ANYTHING you learn in 3.5 class will not be applicable to what you want to do in Dynamo. If it was up to me I would just say, keep doing what you are doing and in the future if you have any Python 3.5 vs IronPython questions just swing by this forum.

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Speaking of IronPython . . . does IronPython 2.7.6 work with Dynamo? More specifically, will installing it make the python scripts currently installed not work?

Dynamo currently only supports 2.7.0 if I remember correctly so yes, upgrading to 2.7.6 would kill your setup.