Dynamo in standalone C# projects


newbie here, is it possible to embed dynamo in to a standalone c# app. such as the viewer and geometry manipulation?


Refinery illustrates the capacity for some of this, there are also some examples of using web apps (the old ‘send to web’ functions of Dynamo Studio). You would need another Autodesk product on the system for geometry creation though. There are also several good examples of integrating Dynamo with other various programs around too.

Thanks for that Jacob. What is refinery and where would I find that.

What is the cheepest auto desk product I can use with this and be licensable for an indie developer to develop a product?

Information on Refinery can be found here:

Likely you would best benefit from looking into Autodesk Developer Network. https://www.autodesk.com/developer-network/overview

What type of application are you looking to develop?


Is there any chance I could have your email so that I could answer your question in private?

I’ll direct message you.

Hi Jacob,

The piece of advice you gave me on looking into ADN was the best I have received in the last few years! Thanks so much!!
I have applied for ADN membership as startup and it was processed in less than 2 working days and membership has been activated from last night free of charge!

For a startup operating on a zero budget this is heaven-sent :slight_smile:


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Glad it worked out. Good luck with the endeavors.