Create Model In-Place Component


after searching around, I did not find any node for creating a Model In-Place Component with Dynamo.
The Model In-Place Component would give the possibilities to faster change a family Geometry in a Project. So it would be really great to place one.

I found the “Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry” which works great for family creation, but its not as smart as the In Place Component, to change Geometry in the Project.

Are there any possibilities? Did I miss something?


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The Revit API doesn’t allow access to in place masses. This is a known limitation and has been around for too long in my opinion!

If you do a search on the topic you’ll find the various workarounds. You may want to check out Dynamo with FormIt. You can export out to a Revit family and it seems to work better than the other methods.

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Okay Thank you,
I have already workarounds. I just was not shure if its possible. Thanks!

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Hello @josef.radi

How did you managed to work around ? I’m stuck with the same problem.

Thank you !


for me then it was okay to just use DirectShapes. As written in from Paul, the Revit API doesnt give access to Model in-place components.

Except that DirectShape.ByGeometry meshes things…
Here are my elliptical “columns”…

And they cannot be cut by mass voids

Could you please explain more the Formit workflow?