Dynamo Grid Dimensions

I am new in to Dynamo and I am currently trying to create a grid that has set dimensions (I understand that you can’t give dimensions but I am using revit and want to put the grid to the ceiling). I am currently using a code block to define the start stop and range points, however, instead of the range being how many points appear I want the range to be the distance or even scale between the points but I don’t know if this is possible? Can you please tell me if it is possible and how I can approach this? Thank you

Welcome to the forum! If I understand your question correctly, you are just trying to write a code block that creates a series of points based on a set dimension instead of divisions, correct? You could just write something like this:

Does that help?

To make it a grid, just plug it into the x and y and set the lacing to cross product:

Thank you so much! That helps heaps