Dynamo Graph from Excel to Key Schedule

Trying to use what Dana DeFillipi did in herAutomating Occupancy class at AU this year for Function of Space (Occupancy) and modify it for Egress Width (doors).

I have the following information in Excel:

CR_Set Up Egress Width Key.xlsx (281.2 KB)

The following Dynamo graph:

CR_Set Up Egress Width Key.dyn (37.4 KB)

But i get this when the graph plays in Revit:


If ya’ll could assist me, I’d appreciate it!

pls share a picture of your graph with the output of every node
Like that:

Hmm, I tried the files and I am not too sure what is going on. I did see this regarding it wanting strings only at one point, but that was from a while back.

Might want to see if @Konrad_K_Sobon has some insight as I haven’t really every used the key schedule node.

Thanks for trying John. Hopefully Konrad will see and be able to help.

here’s the image that you requested:

I found a typo but fixing it didn’t effect the graph run into Revit. :frowning:

It appears that the issue was that some of the parameters in Revit were not “text” parameters but “length”. Those were the ones that would not fill. As soon as I made those parameters which were “text” it worked.