Dynamo for C3D to fast? Point group not being recognized for terrain generation

Hi there, trying to get myself familiar with Dynamo for Civil 3D. i built a simple script for building a terrain from a CSV file. It look like Dynamo is running to fast: The Point group is beeing created but afterwards i always get the message that there is no point group in the drawing. Only when i run the script a second time the terrain is being created. Any ideas on how to slow the script down or take another “round”? Any explanation?

please upload dyn file
ill take a look

here we go. Thanks!
2021_C3D_DYN_Terrain from CSV3.dyn (52.1 KB)

Dynamo will not run nodes in the logical order you have placed them.

What it might be worth while doing is getting the cogopoint group name after it is created then input this into the tinsurface creation by cogo points.

What this will do is make sure the tin surface creation does not try to create until it has actually been created.

I have not tested this if it will work, but it should sort how things are run.

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Hi there! Is there an issue with the point/terrain nodes. Or am I doing something wrong? See the script attached. I want to create a Terrain from survey data. Everything is created in drawing structure but no terrain is showing up and it gives me no terrain statistics. Any advice? test.dyn (146.0 KB)

Still struggling… :frowning: Any Help/hint is very much appreciated.

@FC_GN8 can you upload the CSV as well?

Here we go! Thanks for taking a look! Point-List.txt (2.1 KB)

you need copy or offset cogopoint. and then join list cogoCogo_surf.dyn (60.7 KB)

@FC_GN8 this isn’t an issue with Dynamo. You are trying to create a surface from points that are essentially in a straight line, so Civil 3D can’t create the triangles. What is the end goal here? Are you trying to create a profile?

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@mzjensen: You are so right! I was sitting on my head. And: Yes i want to create a quick profile from the points.

@mzjensen : Got another Idea to create a profile along the points?

By “profile” do you mean a profile that has a parent alignment? Or do you mean a Quick Profile from a 3D polyline or feature line? You could just create a 3D polyline using Polyline3D.ByPoints and then create a Quick Profile in C3D. But if you want an alignment + profile, it opens up more questions.

Thanks everyone for the discussion. I eventually created additional offset-points for terrain creation like @Mikhail_Kozlov proposed. 2021_C3D_DYN_Terrain from Linear Surveydata.dyn (62.0 KB)