Surface to 3D soilds using Dynamo Scripts

Hi All Users,

I am looking for a script which can automate the process of creating a 3D solid from the civil 3D surfaces.
I have been working on geology interpretation thing in civil 3D.
I have generated a dynamo script for CSV to civil 3d surface, need to go one step forward as my end product is 3D solids using the surfaces.
Can any one help me with this script please.

Many thanks

Have a look at this video that I uploaded:

You may notice that I used specific nodes in order to generate a solid between two surfaces. You have this node:

On the other hand, I am very interested in knowing the process that you have carried out in order to generate a geology interpretation in Civil 3D. As you may know, in realistic geology throughout a rail or road, we may have several conditions in the ground, such as lenses, for instance. It was tough for me to replicate and tell Dynamo to consider those lenses with only a report from Excel with the depth of the lithology (boreholes) as input. Making some research on the internet, I tried to carry out the Kirging interpolation within Dynamo but I finally gave up. I could check that many people do this workflow with Python.

What are your considerations in your process?

Thank you so much.