Dynamo Duct Fitting Issue

Please advise, facing that if updating Ducts sizes via Dynamo, connection inbetween 2 straight ducts became invalid.
See screencast below↓

If updating dims manually, all works well, so suppose there is some way to make it work in Dynamo similar to manual way, ie all instances one-by-one instead all at the same time

The problem is that dynamo will try to change both ducts at the same time, thus not knowing what the size on the other end of the fitting needs to be.
In this particular case you could use this to force a transaction sequence:


Hi, thank for advice, but unfortunately that’s not work in my case. I need to change all duct at the same time. So suggest if you will try on both duct from your sample it will glitch also.

Still cant get rid with this.

The only thing I can think of right now is do this with a python node and handle it all in a for loop. That way the sequence of actions is also forced I think.

Just to clarify, did you also try it w/ two ducts simultaneously and get this bug?
Unforunately I’m noob w/ python, can you advise how to force it works one-by-one duct.


Attaching files for testing, may be it would be easier for anyone to play around w/ my trouble ):tired_face:
Duct Dynamo Bug.dyn (3.4 KB)
Duct Dynamo Bug.rvt

So I played around a bit with it and it seems that Revit displays the same behaviour when you do this in the Revit UI. I think the solution to you problem is also changing the parameter of the fitting to the same size as the duct. The only problem there is that is a different parameter…

I would go that way as well. Difficulty aside it feels like the best way to get from A to B.