Auto Duct Fittings Adjustmens

Please advise, I`ve created a script that updates Duct sizes, however, faced that Fitting in-between 2 ducts still remain the previous size, and looking for a way to fix this.

Currently playing around options to delete all fitting and automatically recreate them, Revit works well w/ autorouting here.

But have 2 problems here also:

  • old fitting deletes very fast, prior new one can take MEP curves, deleting need to be postponed somehow
  • not always get correct pairs of ducts to connect

Just found that replacing fitting w/ other type resolves this issue somehow. so I`ve just added this

And got proper result

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And, I hope, the last issue, in places w/ 2 adjacent ducts w/o bend, it occurs additional fitting transition placed. Such bug arose when 2 ducts became different sizes.

Maybe anybody has ideas why this happens and how can be prevented, or at least how to fix this postfactum, i.e. select fitting only where they are duplicating, delete unrequired and fix transition to be proper.

Still playing around those issue w/ duct fitting.
I`m not understanding why this even occurs, as if duct sizes changes manually connections between will adjust correctly, but if update dims through Dynamo additional redundant transition occurs and become not connected w/ each other.

see screening - Fitting Issue

I`m curious, maybe there is some way for processing script, like not all elements at the moment, (cause suppose this may be a reason of issue) but in queue, like one-by-one