Dynamo Driving Panels

I was lucky enought to attend Matt and Zach's AU class "Playing with Energetic Supermodels" and am attempting to reproduce the CurvyPaneled excersise... but I find that two buttons are missing from the Solar Radiation dialog. The "Setup" and "Drive Panels" buttons aren't showing up. Anyone have a solution to this?

This is a screen-cap from the handout

Hello Matt,

The only thing I would like to say is: please Autodesk...don´t take from us, the researchers, the oportunity of using the new Autodesk products like before (or better than before...). I am refering of course to the possibility that we allways had of using Ecotect in our optimization research (even with not the best methods, DDE and Lua script). For instance I´ve developed an app, that makes use of Diferential Evolution, together with "distributed, paralell" simulations in Ecotect to optimize generative models of buildings in a distributed way...

I just want to upgrade what I have to Project Vasari...or whatever comes...can you help me!?

thank you so much for your help,

Nelson Silva

Tom, Matt, I sent you PM's in response.

Hi Nelson,

Most of the analysis features can not be kicked off via the API but certainly you can read the results via a C# addin. For example, all the CEA results that are shown in the Results and Compare dialog actually exist in a local directory on your hard drive. Each run creates a folder that contains csv files for the raw report data, as well as gbxml and other files. also the new Solar Radiation tool has an 'auto export' feature that writes a CSV files each time the analysis updates. This is what we read programatically via Dynamo to perform the optimization for the AU Class that Craig mentioned.


Hi Craig,

We'd be more than happy to come in and meet with your guys, is it your Philly office or Boston? We also have some fun new things we could talk about.


It´s possible to use SR addin api in our C# apps...!?

Any examples on: setup model, simulate, get the results...using c#!?

Any ideas on how to perform other analysis in vasari using c# and getting out the results...what about the results of the final reports that we can visually compare!?


Nelson Silva

Craig, I won't speak for Matt and Zach :) But as a user researcher for our team, I would be interested in meeting with you and those folks in your office to understand better your current tools and process re conceptual design. Lets connect directly if you are interested.

Aaaah. Good. I'm not crazy then!

I think it was powerful what you guys had done with that feedback capability and the prospects for using it for building design optimization, even for little things like solar shading, are making us drool over here. I'm re-presenting your class to our offices here in hopes to get some of our grasshopper and tech-savvy folks into it. It would have been nice to show a live demo... interested in joining in the presentation and getting some live feedback?

Hi Craig,

Yeah, sorry about that. We made a special build of the SR addin for the purposes of that class. We distributed it to the attendees and it was set with a timout. Part of the purpose of the class was to gather feedback on the functionality, and we have spent a little more time working on it. The setup and drive panels were, in the end, a workaround to existing api solutions that we aren't pursuing at the moment. One of the issues was that workflow has a necessary side effect of creating potentially hundreds of new parameters in the mass family.