Dynamo draw solids from coordinates

Hi All,

I don’t know if it’s possible but i’m triying to create a solid with dynamo for RSA. See below my sheet.

To create the contour of the bottom is not a problem. but how to go further now?
I’m thinking now on 2 options but i don’t know how to establish them.

  • create a node which extrudes the bottom contour.
  • create all 6 outside surface and create from there a solid.

I hope someone can help me with this or point me in te right direction.

Thanks in advance,

Greets Edward

The programs i use are:

  • Robot structural analysis 2020
  • autodesk dynamo studio 2017(core
  • Structural Analysis for Dynamo 2.0.1

I don’t quite understand the question (& don’t know anything about RSA)
But there is probably a simpler way.

In this example, the cuboid is a solid & I am getting the curves (lines) from the solid. You could also create a solid by lofting between 2 curves if yours is not a cuboid (rectangular box)

@Andrew_Hannell thanks for your answer, it looks like a cleaner way to create the solid.
But the question is how to get the solid in to Robot structural Analysis to perform a structural analsis.

I know nothing about structural analysis
But a very simple example would be like this

The Structural Analysis for Dynamo package has some more complex examples

@Andrew_Hannell Thanks for your try, but that are just simple bars you drawed.

I want to create solids. maybe @Jonathan.Olesen and @Emmanuel_Weyermann (i’ve seen your names in related topics) can help me with this?

Let me ask you this, how would you go about it if you had to create it inside RSA? :slight_smile:

my understanding is that in RSA, the analytical model consists of bars and nodes. From there, you can assign specific structural members to the bars
Does RSA deal with solids ?

  • draw contour
  • use panel tool with face selected to create face
  • select face and extrude it.

So the solution would be:

  1. Start project with “Volumetric Structure Design” template.
  2. Write C# / Python script for creating and working with solids
  3. Go bananas.

To my knowledge the solids are not as of yet implemented in any relation to Dynamo with RSA.

Hello @Jonathan.Olesen,

thanks for your reply.
I have found a work around. I’m starting now a new project with shell structure, create the panel contours with “analytical panel by curves(see first post)” and from there I change the structure type to ‘Volumetric Design’, and extrude the panels by hand.
I can’t figure out how to translate the codes/names from the API of robot to Python script.
Below the parts i think i need to get the extrusion working.

This is what i have written now in the python script(doesn’t work).

I don’t know what to change to get the extrusion working.

  • I’m not sure that it’s correct to call (line 17) labels=structure.Labels

Hope you can tell me a little bit more on what to change to get this script working?

thanks in advance.

Gr Edward