Dynamo doesn't run?

I opened dynamo today and it doesn’t finish opening to the main menu. It just sits in the tool bar as a blank window. It doesn’t maximize if I click on it.


here are the journal and dynamo log files. I don’t have a great grasp of how to read these, but it looks like dynamo encounters an error (line 42) but it doesn’t indicate what the error is.
journal.0106.txt (147.2 KB)
dynamoLog_78e8cee8-6331-49af-934b-b25509ab607c.txt (17.2 KB)

Dynamo 1.3 opens correctly. This problem occurs when I open dynamo 2.0 in multiple versions of revit.

tried reinstalling dynamo, but the same thing happens. I expect it’s because you can’t uninstall dynamo for more recent versions (2018, 2019)

The window is likely off - screen.

Alt + tab to get into Dynamo.
Alt + space > m to move the Dynamo window.
Arrow key to nudge it.
Move your mouse to bring the window to the mouse.
Click where you want it.

wow. ok. it’s true. it was just off the screen somehow.


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