Dynamo Created Elements Disappearing after Second Run

Please help me understand this. When elements are created from a script they appear just fine, but when the script is rerun the originally created elements disappear. What’s going on?

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please post your script so we can help

Dynamo re-Create elements and delete the old ones, you have to make it forget the old element references to keep old elements beside new ones.
there some nodes to do this like for example if you are selecting surface to draw beams on it use Spring Nodes Packages or Data | Shapes

You have to commit transactions in a certain way to get around the dynamo element binding.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I’ll be sure to try to reverse engineer those nodes first chance I get. Unfortunately I’m placing framing elements and view section so I can’t place by point. I’m not at work right now, but I’ll post my script when I get in tomorrow, if someone would be kind enough to show me what everyone is trying to explain. I’ve been looking online but I haven’t been successful in finding any documentation on ‘wrapping transactions’, maybe I’m using the wrong terminology?

@Luke_Johnson I don’t have a list.map node in any of my scripts, perhaps they are embedded in a packaged node somewhere. What is the certain way transactions have to be committed?

You should also look at my “Structural Column by Curve in Transaction” node, it may get you some of the way. Here is part of the Python code:

Finally got it working. This seems to do the trick and be can be generalized to any use case as far as I can tell. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for all the help Everyone. Here is the final script:

Hope some other structural guys out there find it useful :slight_smile: