Dynamo automatically converts values to feet?!

Hello everybody!

I am creating new columns and fundament types based on data in dictionary format where all the necessary parameters and parameter values are stored. I managed to pull it off with one strange glitch. While the parameters with string values are stored in the new types correctly, the ones with integer data seem to be automatically converted into feet (?!)

I compared all the data that originates from the dictionary with the one that ens up in Revit and this is what comes out:

I googled the number (3,280839895) and it seems to be the conversion rate for meter to feet. Does anyone know why this happens?

My project units and the project units in the families of columns and fundaments are all in meter:


If you are using Python (or any other language), then yes, ALL values will be in imperial. You will need to convert them to Metric. You can either do the calculations to m or mm numerically by multiplying accordingly, or you can use the UnitUtils class to convert to the desired UnitType.


Just be aware that if you are using Revit 2021 then the units system has changed.