Dynamo and Revit: filters and video animation

Hi, i have a Revit model composed with many:

  • filters, with selected more category;
  • Mark tipe;
  • active filters through the “visibility / graphic” menu and adjust the relative graphical changes in terms of transparency and color.
    Through Dynamo I would get with 1 input 2 output:
  • 3D model “standard” but that includes the graphics changes rules of 2 filters;
  • video animation (this is already in Revit project).
    It’s possible?
    I hope i am clean in the explanation.

Sorry for my English.

Hi, your questions are very vague. You could start by taking a look at Archi-lab Grimshaw (for graphic settings) and Dynanimator (for animation). Don’t hesitate to use the search field too and provide some screenshots and references…
Useful links:

Through one o two drop-down menu I would get a 3D model changing rules of 2 filters, exemple:

if in the drop-down menu I select “Spogl. A” transparency and color are as screenshot,
while if I select “Cucina” transparency and color of filter “Cucina” change in 0% Green and 0% instead transparency and color of filter “Spogl. A” change in 50% and original Color

I wonder one thing here: does Dynamo work with a non-english version of Revit?

Dynamo have not given me problems until now, why?

Because all parameters are addressed with their english denomination in all scripts, unless someone translates them. See this:

But in Dynamo I see this:

I see parameters in original italian denomination

In case you need to code in italian, I guess it would probably be simpler to find an italian forum…
The other way is to use the english version of Revit by doing this:

Ok, I change Revit with a English Languages

To make it easier for experts who answer and who don’t have much time to lose, I would highly suggest to start a new thread describing your specific issues… Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

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Ok, Thanks :wink: