Revit, Dynamo, Filter, Mark and Walkthroughs

Hi, i have a Revit model composed with:

  • many filters and mark, with selected more category;
  • filters active through the “visibility / graphic” menu and adjust the relative graphical changes in terms of transparency and color.

    Through Dynamo I would get with 1 input (name of filter desidered through a drop-down menu) and 2 output:
  • 3D model “standard” with impostation equals of the screenshot if the input is “spogl. A”, but if I change input from “Spogl. A” to “Wc Bar” the settings of the two filters related the “visibility / graphic” menu is reversed;
  • walkthroughs (name is equals of the name of filter).
    It’s possible?
    I hope i am clean in the explanation

Sorry for my english