Dynamo 2.5 script to 2.6

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what is happening here??
I created this script in Revit 2021 on Dynamo 2.5
Just upgraded to 2021.1.2 and Dynamo 2.6 and this is what I get

Any ideas?

Check for a Revit add-in causing a conflict with core components of Dynamo, such as CEF. You can review the conflicts by clicking the notifications button (the ! on the right side of the menu).

Well, it looks artistic in a way :smiley:


Thanks very much Jacob! Will give that a go tomorrow.

I agree :slight_smile:

Thanks Jacob, that did the trick!

Hi everyone,

This issue has come up again and I havenโ€™t changed anything here at all. Its not only this script anymore, but all pre-created scripts that I try to open. Nothing new has been installed into Revit 2021.1.2 nor have any packages been added since this change.
There are also no notifications at all in the ! section of the menu. Any ideas?

Okay is was PyRevit in this case that was causing the issue.