Dynamo 1.2.0 - New Node Queries

As requested by Zach some of my comments on the latest 1.2.0. Some of the below are questions and others are just observations for feedback. If others have any comments/feedback directly related to new OOTB nodes in Dynamo 1.2.0 please add to this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Dimension tools - Currently only supports model lines? So as a workflow to dimension between two walls you first need to extract the location curves from the walls, convert these lines to model lines and then dimension between this. As a workaround this is okay but for the dimension to work it needs the model lines in Revit, so suddenly you will have thousands of model lines also in your project.

  2. Filter tools - When creating a new filter and then applying it to a view if I then want to change the OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties for that filter I cant seem to get the FillPattern inputs to work regardless of what I feed in. Whether that be an integer, the actual fill pattern element, or the fill pattern id. Some clarity on what this node expects here would be good. Please see image below

  1. New parameter nodes - There is now nodes called Parameter.ParameterByName and Parameter.SetValue, whilst the old nodes Element.GetParameterValueByName and Element.SetParameterValue still exist. Are these nodes intended to be made redundant by the new nodes?

  2. Revision nodes - A suggestion to update the RevisionCloud.ByCurve node to allow the reverse of the curves fed in to give both options of the normal and inverted cloud display. This could be a boolean toggle or something similar.

  3. Finally but less serious. You’ve created a node to create Text through Dynamo. Its bad enough instructing people not to annotate things with text rather than tags in Revit itself, let alone giving people that functionality in Dynamo :see_no_evil:


Hi @Mark_Thorley1

Could you please upload your screenshot again as it is unable to read. Thanks :slight_smile:


I covered the issue of Graphics overrides here: https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/issues/1334

Dimensions are news to me but that’s because I haven’t used them yet.

Parameter nodes are to be used with View Filters. To create a new view filter you need to feed it a parameter OBJECT. I think the two nodes that you mention actually return a Parameter object (element) not the value that they store which would be returned by the previous nodes that we are all familiar with.

Hahaha, text notes sure as hell have ability to turn into a shit-storm really quick but to be fair to dev team, its a functionality just like any other and should not really be their concern. That’s what I think.


Ps. There is more of that new node functionality coming: https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/pulls

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Dear @Mark_Thorley1,
thanks for your feedback - this is really good and rare to get.
To answer your questions:

  1. Dimension nodes should work for any kind of object that can be referenced. See my attached screenshot for walls for example. Let me know where this fails for you. Please make sure the ActiveView Node is returning the correct view - this might not always be the case.

  2. The CutFillPatterns need to be supplied as the acutal pattern element. You are right, this is not obvious from the current documentation, we will improve this.

  3. They are slightly different from their workflow but are actually doing the same.
    One one of them you are setting the parameter by Name string value - the other one assumes you already got a Parameter object you want to use but you only want to modify its content. This can be very helpful if you have a list of parameters you have been processed or filtered etc.

  4. Thanks, thats a good point - I will add this.

  5. Good point here too - I would avoid texts too but in some situations they might come really handy. On the other hand we are supporting Tags as well right now.

Thanks again,

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Does it mean that this was fixed? https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/issues/1334

It would be lovely. Can you share a PR that this was addressed in?


Dear @Maximilian_Thumfart1,

You say that selecting the Cutfillpatterns is not obvious. But can you explain how it can be done.
I try to select “Solid fill” by using Element Types selection and choosing FillPatternElement.
But no luck.

Dear friends

I am a beginner in Dynamo. It is a very interesting tool. I am using dynamo on Robot structural analysis software. I modeled a very simple frame with load in dynamo and export it to robot structural analysis. Dynamo gave me some result after analysis. I want to know how can I change the color of the frame’s element by dynamo. It can be done in Revit using some nodes such as color.ByARGB, Element.OverrideColorInView, etc. But these nodes don’t work in RSA. For example, Dynamo gave me the max stress, or force, and I want to define a threshold value and write some codes that if these values exceed the threshold change the color of the element to red. Could u please help me to do that? Thank you so much in advance.

you can use the Display by geometry color nodes

Thank you for your response

But how can I give a threshold value to max displacement of the frame for example? and how to link these threshold value to “Display.ByGeometryColor” node? I tried to upload my dynamo file here, but it says new users cannot upload any attachments. Can I send my file to you by email to look at it if it’s possible? Thank u so much in advance

use a Color.By node to constructor specific colors

or use a color range to generate a bunch of them.

The node you have there gets the red component from an existing color… notice the node is light grey, you need to put an existing color to get the red component, which will be a number not a color.