Dynamic Block Placement

There’s a few threads already about Dynamic blocks in Civil 3D Dynamo.


What I can’t figure out is why Dynamo picks up that there are Dynamic Properties in the block reference. But in the properties of the block they don’t appear, and I can’t input to any of the properties with my values.

I’ve tried this on another DWG where it seemed to place the block with the dynamic properties but I’m not sure why it placed the dynamic version when I think the consistent behavior would be the non-dynamo version.

Well one piece is that you can “hide” dynamic properties from being shown in the properties panel.


Block Editor


Here’s a test script I used to explore setting properties for multiple dynamic blocks either all the same value or different values. Hope it helps you explore some options.
Dynamic Block Properties v3.dyn (37.6 KB)
Dynamic Properties v0.dwg (1.1 MB)


Thanks for this, I don’t have any issues with setting the values but it specifically seems to be when I import the dynamic block it’s losing all the dynamic properties.

I’ve checked in the block editor and Properties are set to show.

Yet despite that no properties appear when you close the block editor.

Is there another way to place dynamic blocks?

Can you share your script?


I can’t share the script as there’s some company nodes/blocks, but I can recreate the placement portion in another script.

After testing some more, even though the dynamic properties don’t appear in the properties they still can be set which I find pretty strange. So the script is one step closer to working, but the dynamic properties need to exist for the user to make adjustments if required.