Dynamic aligment creator - align text to a line/object and custom segment length division node?


I have a few questions, but first of all let me explain what the idea is. We have a 2D drawing made out of polylines-aligments and there are yet to be named stations and some other textual info. We have an excel file which is used for information pulling(stations, segment names,etc) and now I feel like I have done some work, but it needs to be polished.

What I need is that text that I place automatically along the lines(red thin lines-stations) and segment names too, to be aligned with the line, so to be perpendicular to a aligment.I am aware that I can not do that with jut the use of rotation.

Is there a way to make segments out of a line but for those segments to be inequal? What I mean is, currently node points.bysegmentlenght is giving me only one solution to a segmentation, and I need at least 3.

That is pretty much it, thank you for your help!
10.01_KAMPADE BETONIRANJA_04012018-Model.pdf (100.6 KB)
Home1.dyn (345.0 KB)

Okay got it, I made a vector representing the perpendicular lines and now it works. It was just the matter of rotating every element based on a list of new angles. If anyone needs the script I’ll be happy to help.

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