Create Multiple Alignments From Polylines

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Here’s an example of creating multiple alignments from polylines. This will require the Civil 3D Toolkit package.

CreateAlignments.dwg (401.6 KB)
CreateAlignments.dyn (46.3 KB)
MultipleCorridors.xlsx (8.8 KB)


Again, great use of using a dictionary for handling excel data, I keep forgetting to utilize this. Once the alignments are created I could also see someone wanting to automate the stationing direction from North to South or West to East so see my attached addition :smiley:
CreateAlignmentsV2(STA Direction).dyn (106.9 KB)
MultipleCorridors.xlsx (8.8 KB)
CreateAlignments.dwg (401.6 KB)


I have a doubt …how the direction of alignment is selected in CreateAlignmentfromPolyline Node ?

It takes the direction of the polyline.

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Olá, gostaria de uma ajuda nessa rotina que estou criando…

Primeiro nessa rotina ele criar a sequencia do alinhamento sul - norte como estar rabiscado na imagem eu gostaria q ficasse de cima para baixo a sequencia dos alinhamento.

Segundo, quando vou adicionar uma outra polyline ele não criar, por causa que eixo 01 já foi criado. gostaria de uma ajuda para essa rotina rodar

This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing. Is there a way to set the alignment type (for instance: Centerline, Curb Return, Rail, etc.)?

Nope, sorry. That property is read-only in the API and can’t be changed. It’s been on the wish list for several years. You can vote for it on the Idea Board if you want:

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Okay, thanks for letting me know!

I hope you will understand that my english is not very good…
I want to pass the road route by offsetting the middle of the road by selecting line or polyline…
I tried a little bit but couldn’t reach the result completely…
EXAMPLE ROAD-2.dwg (2.5 MB)

reverse direction to polyline

I want to combine lines or polylines and make a Alignment

If you can review the dyn file I sent…



thanks hosneyalaa
I want to combine polylines and then do alignment

Selamun Aleykum akhi hosneyalaa
want to combine polylines, but I couldn’t do it somehow…

Selamun Aleykum @abdullahcicek


choukran akhi @hosneyalaa

Is it possible to change the direction (reverse) of line and polyline like in this lisp, in dynamo?

reverse Multi obje .lsp.txt (6.4 KB)