Dynabridge Package - Deck missing between grids

I created a box girder family (with parameters) with the help of Dynabridge package deck family.

With this box girder family, I created a Bridge with Dynabridge package.

I face some of the issues which are listed below:

  1. When I run the bridge deck family through the points, at one location the deck are missing between the grids.

  2. In the box girder family, some of the parameters are not working. (Ex. “Width” and “Height”)

Please find the attached files as well.

Any help will be appreciated.


Please find the below link for the project file:


MCF3.dyn (46.8 KB)

AlignmentVer1.xlsx (9.8 KB)

point 2 = Associate your family parameter then it will work.

You need to nest the parameters of width and height in the last family of solid, also I recommend you discard crossfall, because it does not work for negative angles of the perlate according to the direction of the curve