Dynabridge node "Create 3D line" needs which family type?

He, im trying to build a bridge with the package “Dynabridge”.

Bute the node “Create 3D line” fails because, this node needs a family type that i dont have…maybe this happens because i use a german templates and s.o.

Could anybody tell me which family type i need to use?

Hi @Fiesta,

I found the below video on YouTube (It looks like the package cantains rvt/rfa files in the extra folder of the package).
I hope it can be of help.

The video mentioned above has this remark: Attention: right now it works with English Revit 2018 only!

Kind regards,

Hi MJB-online, thx for your help.
The problem was that in the Version 0.0.6 the family “3d line” missing.
The new package 0.0.7 is updated.