DYF file cannot be opened in new version

Hi all,
I just started to learn Dynamo also new to forum.
Recently, I’m trying to open the dyf file on V1.2.2 and V2.0.1 but it always show this window:

Seem this dyf file can’t support in newer version of Dynamo. Does anyone know how to fix this kinds of problem? thank you very much.

Here is the dyf file:
Grid-to-Quads.dyf (11.9 KB)

Looks like this is from a VERY old version of Dynamo (0.6.3, which was released in March of 2014). Not sure this can be upgraded, but there are new nodes to accomplish what you’re after.

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Hi JacobSmall,

Finally, I found a node call ‘‘Quad Grid by Face’’ from Lunchbox which can replace this dyf file.
thanks for your help :slight_smile: