DWG - Export Workflow for Overlapping Views and doubled Lines

Hello Dynamo Friends :slight_smile:

If multiple Views on a Sheet are placed on top of each other (common practice for plan views at my office) they will be placed side by side in a dwg export. I´m afraid I can not do anything to get the views in the dwg model space on top of each other? Only solution we have is placing reference planes to manually overlap the views in the dwg.

The bigger problem is that our ACAD users are really annoyed when they have to work with these overlapped revit dwg exports because of the doubled lines they have to correct, it seems that functions like overkill are not a real help to clean these overlapping views up.

So is there anything I can change in the export settings or is there any possible dynamo magic that I can build to help at making this workflow better? Maybe a dynamo script for Civil 3D to deal with the overlapping lines? Or even for overlapping the views themselves?

I´m really interested in your thoughts and I appreciate any advice on this topic!

Kind regards!

I would go with the ‘post export modification’, which you could do with Dynamo.

Once things are lined up in model space exploded overkill should work fine.

So I´m right that I can not really do anything at exporting that can help me?
Can´t spot anything useful here DWGExportOptions Members

We export exclusively with a python script I wrote. Only thing I can think of is to at least place 2 reference planes for every view before exporting and deleting them later. This makes it possible for a user to overlap the views later in the dwg manually.

Here is a sample export, the 4 views with the red rectangle should be overlapped.

Without reference planes I see no chance in overlapping this views accordingly, even with dynamo.

About the lines I will have to talk again to our acad users what exactly the problems are…

You could do a custom export routine, as I mentioned before. It’s a lot of work for minimal gain as you’ll still have to post process the stuff for overlapping lines, but you can use that to your advantage as well. As a simple version, look to do something like this:

  1. Create a new sheet,
  2. Move the ‘top’ views from the original sheet to the new one.
  3. Export both sheets.
  4. move the views back to the original sheet.
  5. Delete the original sheet.
  6. Close Revit and open Open Civil 3D and launch Dynamo or AutoCAD and another automation tool (macro, add-in, lisp, etc.).
  7. Link the ‘overlapping views’ DWG into the original DWG.
  8. Run bind, flatten, overkill, purge, audit (and purge again) commands.

Better solution: Move everyone into a single platform. Mixed platforms and export/import routines cause TONS of issues from basic QA/QC to costly errors and omissions.