Duplicating Walls in Place

So I want to duplicate curtain walls in a project and place a generic wall type in place (while leaving the curtain wall). We use an external software to quantify and estimate our models. The software only brings out the panels and mullions and not the curtain wall element. So calculating the area can be tough. I was thinking of creating a specific placeholder wall type to us in place without deleting or removing the curtain walls. Below is what I have so far… It is working but the Wall.ByCurverAndHeight does not recognize if a wall profile is edited… And it also relies on a level so walls with base offsets or on differing levels cause an issue. See the image below the nodes to see the result (the blue walls were placed with the script and the curtain wall shapes can be seen within them…) Is there a different way to place walls or duplicate elements in place!?






Forgot the resultant image:



Have a look at the below work-flow and tell me if it works out for you:

P.S. I did my best to try and arrange the pictures but the forum formatting is even worse than before…




Dimitar, THANK YOU! You rock!

All it took was once simple custom node… “Element.Copy” …

Here is my final script for anyone reading this in the future: