Duplicating Family and renaming them

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Issue: Exterior and interior doors are modeled with the same door family. I want to distinguish them and rename them.

I was abel to filter the doors and rename type and family (exterior). But for the interior doors i need to duplicate family and name them. I know that there is a node to duplicate family type, but is there a way to duplicate whole family and rename them? I 've searched through the forum, but no luck. Could anyone advise me on how to achieve my goals? or maybe a node that i don’t know about.

Thanks in advance.

Do you know the FamilyType.Duplicate node from the clockwork package? A name change is incuded in it.

Yes, but that is only for duplicating the type and not the mail family. I want to duplicate the main family.

After a bit of research, it seems doable with RevitAPI, which means it is doable in Dynamo given enough know-how of C#/Python, neither of which I know well enough to help you. Some good places for info for those who do would be:


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tnx for replying @kennyb6.
Will look into this.

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