Duplicate Dimensions

Hi there,

I am trying to create duplicates of all the dimensions in a project, hosted to the same references and aligned to the same location line. These duplicate dimensions are to be of a different dimension family and type from the original.

I have made a test script that selects a specific dimension type and get its elements curves and views, however I have not found a way to find a dimensions reference points. Is this possible? Or is there an easier / alternative way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Morgan_Evans,

Use the Dimension Properties node to retrieve the references from the dimensions.

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Hi Alban, thanks for your reply!

This node looks helpful. I’ve used it to get the dim curve and dim references to use in the DimensionByReferences node. However, the node is still returning null :frowning:

I thought this may have had something to do with the dimensiontype input and tried a few different inputs for that with no luck. Any ideas?

Set the longest lacing on the Dimension By Reference node to create several dimensions.

I had a go at this, but could not get it to work unfortunately. However, we have now changed our workflow so these duplicated dimensions are not required! Thanks for your help anyway.