Drive floor objects from CAD using Bimorph package

hello guys,
i tried to download the package Bimorph but still not working i donot know why ??..any recommendation. thanks a lot.


Hi @Arsany123 the node in use is from a much older version of BimorphNodes and there’s no backwards compatibility.

You need to manually remove the CurveFromCADLayers node from your graph and replace it with the latest version (it still has the same name). That should resolve the issue.

Thanks a lot Mr.Thomas.really appreciated

Hello Guys ,
The tool is working with me but only when the Auto cad file contains single poly line but from the moment there more than one poly line it doesn’t work .any advice please.

Hi @Arsany123

Firstly, provide a file and a screenshot at the very least as you haven’t explained your problem succinctly.

You could try the following which may resolve the issue:

  1. Import and explod the DWG; if you see no polylines then its a problem with the DWG which can normally be resolved by exploding the curves in Autodcad before linking to Revit.

  2. Install BimorphNodes v2.2.51 or above as it includes a fix for bug found with polyline conversion. However the problem you describe is different to the problem it fixed so it’s unlikely to be related

  3. Ensure the polylines are polylines and not other non-convertible types (meshes or shapes)

Hi Thomas,
kindly find the attached autocad files and the screen shots for both cases (Single and multiple floors). i tried what your suggested me and still not working . the problem is more than one poly line it is not working.
Thanks for help.Convert CAD Outlines to Floor Slabs(For Chadrashekhar).dyn (9.6 KB)

Drawing3.dwg (36.4 KB)
Drawing4.dwg (36.4 KB)

Hi @Arsany123

You should group your curves before you feed into Polycurve.Byjoined node then your good to go.

Thanks @Kulkul i appreciate your help but i cannot control which level i can place my floors based on the AutoCad file.i would like to read the levels in the revit file then i can choose which levels this floors will be placed.

@Arsany123 That is pretty straight forward just use Element.SetParameter Node.

Thanks A lot it exactly what i need .thanks a lot for your help it is really amazing . i tried also to join the new floor which are created to another floor through python script but it doesnot work . it is working only from the moment it is single floor not multiple.

Convert CAD Outlines to Floor Slabs(For Chadrashekhar).dyn (12.0 KB)

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to Dynamo also. I tried running this and it worked well, however when I tried running this with 2 square slabs right next to each other (2 edge lines over one another) the PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves node said;
“Warning: PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves operation failed.
PolyCurves may be branching”

I am finding others are having errors where PolyCurves may NOT be branching but not this.
Not sure what is going on, any help would be great.

Hi Guys,

It was bound to happen, I found a solution right after posting the question.
Sorry the question was easily found but hopefully this can help others who encounter this thread and try to do what I did.


I also have some qusetion about cad curve to revit.
Do you know what inside the "Element.Level"node?
Can I search that node in Dynamo??

Hi @NCEKnight ,

Thank you so much for posting the video.
This is exactly what I am trying to do. I am unable to find that same PL2LA .lisp could you please share it with me?

hello, can u explain how this script works? where i have to select elements ? cause here is no elements select or something like that