Draw a second wall along the wall you are drawing

Hi guys,
Do you know if it’s possible to create a script that when it’s activated, and I try to draw a wall, it will automatically draw a second wall along with it? maybe some hints for some nodes? Thanks!

The reason why I need this, is that I need to have 2 analytical models (centerlines) for the inner leaf and for the outer leaf, therefore I need to have 2 walls.

Dynamo can’t do any “live drawing”. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. You could draw your first set of walls and then run a script to add the second set adjacent to the first walls though.

Hello @Nick_Boyts
Do you know any node that can do that? Thanks!

There’s no node that can just “do that”. You would have to build up the logic in your graph to locate the existing walls and create new ones based on their centerline.