Door's area value

Hello everyone,

I would like to get the area of doors in my model with dynamo. To do so, I have added one occurrence parameter to the family “door”, which is named “Surface”. (surface is the french word for area)
When try to get it via dynamo, it does’nt work, and it appears that the parameter “Surface” is two times present in the list of parameters.
When I ask dynamo to get the surface value, it doesn’t work, because of the two “surface parameter” I guess.

Then I deleted the “surface parameter” and it still doesn’t give any value, because it’s null I guess…

Is there any way to access the area parameter of a door and apply a formulae to it?

Thanks in advance

One thing I thought of was why not just get the Type properties of all of the doors and have dynamo get the area from that info? Might be another way to, but this was my first thought.

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Hi @Elise,

Use the Parameter.Value node as I have shown below.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answers. What I actually wanted to do is to get the surface area of the Walls inluding the Windows and doors areas. Which I managed to do by multiplying the with and the length of the Walls.

The type properties of the doors does not give a value for the surface area of a door.
And the node Parameter.Value gives the same value as the node Element.getParameterValueByName, Which does not return anything (see image above).

Thanks for you help guys!