Door Renumbering By Room (Changing the numbering to letters)

I am currently looking at the Door.RenumberByRoom Node.

I would like to slightly change the script so that if multiple doors are in a single room they are tagged as 105A, 105B instead of 105.1 , 105.2

Any help on this quick question would be appreciated.

I honestly just use the CASE app still. It offers a nice UI to pick the numbering before you commit…

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That being said, here is one way to generate an Alpha-numeric list.

thanks for the response, this is very close to what I am looking for except that the “A”…#amount…1; returns 105. , 105.A
and I would like for the first door to start with 105.A, then go to 105.B

Any ideas for a quick fix?

Never mind I got it
thanks for your help John

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How did you do it?

Even this seems to work …!

Door renumber(letter version).dyn (19.0 KB)


  1. Curtain doors that are certain distance off from wall center line are omitted and carry the old mark values…!
  2. To room and from room errors are rectified on opening the family and checking in the room location point…!
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How is this applied to the room mark value then. I set it to value of ‘set parameter name by value’ but it only named a few doors and not them all, and they don’t coincide with the room number.

Your output from “Room.Doors” would need to go into the SetParameter node


Fantastic! Thank you. Also, I would need to apply the ‘To.From Room’ somewhere, but where would I place this?

Might be able to flatten the output of the SetParameter node and use the node from clockwork to get that data

I ask because under the ‘+’ node, there are duplicates; a door between two rooms is used twice. 18a is also 17c.

How would I fix this?


You would have to find out if the door is reporting multiple rooms. Thinking it might need to be a new topic.