Door Mark By Room Name

Hi all,

I have 2 units with some doors in each, each unit is considered as one room and called UNIT 101 to 102,
I want each door mark in the unit to follow the unit name with additional D in the begining and lower alphabets at the end, so it would be D101a to D101z let’s say. attached you can see what I’ve done so far but it’s not working properly, i’d appreciate any ideas, thanks.



Hope this post can help you.

thanks but no, it doesn’t.

Some explanation would be useful…

i can’t find one of the packages, the door names are totally different than what i want, and i also want to filter all the rooms based on the name which would be UNIT. it’s a 6 storey, 160 rooms but only 120 units.

Sorry but the reason why what you tried does not work properly remains unclear.

ok, let’s start from begining,

as you can see in the pictures above, i have units as one room, there are 120 units in the building, different types, plus 40 other rooms that i don’t care about, each room or unit has a name like UNIT 101 and has some doors in it, i want each door to follow the name of the room with a D in the beginning and “a” to “z” at the end. so it would be D101a for example. you see the script i wrote but it doesn’t work and i don’t know what’s wrong, i’m a beginner, maybe that’s the reason.

In this case, please add links to your sources and references

First of all you have to check in the door family the “Room Calculation Point”. It’s in properties. Then it detect the rooms linked to the doors.
Then, try to follow the link that I post before, it’s the same waht you are asking for, and it works.

If it doesn’t work I would try to explain you better.

i can’t find the package for “get to-from room”.

Just put “Door” in the package Search and the last one.

gracias amigo.

so i did what you said, you can see in the picture that instead of room name which is 101 it says “Room”, then the alphabetic sequence continues to the other room which i don’t want to, each room should start from “a” and end somewhere in the same room.planCapture

You probably need an Element.Name node after the Get-To-From Room node

yes, but still the alphabetic sequence continues to the other room.
Element.Name adds a number to the end of the door name, so it’s "DUNIT 1021a"
Unit should be removed from the name, same as that additional 1.
it should be “D102a”

For the first question, you need to group your doors by room first (possibly with GroupByKey as suggested in @VictorTrevijano’s link).
For the second question, you can use a String.Remove node to remove the first five characters from the room’s names.

it seems like i suck :frowning:1.dyn (9.4 KB)
Project2.rvt (1.3 MB)

OK, you just need to insert a GroupByKey node after Get To-From Room to group the doors by room, and to modify List.Count using List@Level like so:

If you read the all post linked the solved is there. Just add “GroupByKey” where the list are the doors and key is the list “ToRooms”

my alphabetic sequence node is not working, it’s red and it says it’s not for this version. i havent done anything, i dont know why this happened?! i reinstalled it but nothing.

Red nodes mean the package is either uninstalled or the version you have installed is conflicted due to multiple versions of the same package. Double check your package paths are available, and that you have a version with that node in it.