Door Jamb (Stud wall) Insert

Is it possible to insert a stud wall from the top of a door to the soffit and the width of the wall be the door width ?

Hi Tom,

Your trying to insert stud wall in the door. Then what about the door. Can you be more specific. what exactly your looking for.




Sorry it was a bit brief. I want to do clash detection between MEP and the structure with any MEP that runs between the top of the door and the under side of the slab above.

If I could insert a wall/object above the door running up to the under side of the slab I can then run clash detection in navisworks.

Does that make sense?

It does but I’m not sure I understand why this isn’t already in your model. I would expect the wall to run to the deck if that’s how it would be built so you should already have a wall above your door for to clash against. What am I missing?

the reason we need an object to be placed in that location is because we only want to detect clashes that occur directly above the door

In the image below, it would be anything the runs in between the blue lines.


In that case, I think I’d be looking for ways to find the XYZ of the door corners and use these to model a solid that was as tall as the host wall. This solid could be brought into Revit for you to clash against in Navis.

Not saying I can do this yet but it’s how I’d think of the problem.

This seems logical idea. i cant Identify the corner co ordinates, i can only seem to get the location co ordinate this is the center .


Does anyone know how i could do this ?