DoesIntersection Problem

I split my top roof’s surface to two list:
first list - surfaces parallel to axis x
second list - surfaces parallel to axis y

after DoesIntersection first list is intersection of first surface parallel to axis x with all surfaces parallel to axis y,
by analogy second list is intersection of second surface parallel to axis x with all surfaces parallel to axis y

Is it something wrong in my approach?
Because in this example all surfaces have to have min two intersections.
For surface number 0 with surface 1 and 10 (two intersections).
Do you have any idea?

This is a lacing problem or list structure problem.
Currently you are getting , no. of surfaces intersect with Surface_X
if you wanna calculate no. of surface intersect with surface_Y, then do this changes and add both the list (surface_X & surface_Y list) you will get total number of clash in each surface as per list.

Yes, now add the previous ( and current (
So you get the cumulative add on list

Sorry, I have a problem to understand the way of adding list, can you explain this more clearly?

I extend one edge and now it’s ok for surface 0 but surface 5 have the same problem with surface 3 and 6

Here surface 0 has also only one intersection with other surface

But it is interesting when i extend surface 0 and 5, then they have two intersection,
I don’t understand why befor it not working

and when I back with previous geometry it look the same

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hahaha… :stuck_out_tongue:
those are input issues.

What do you mean?

In input or on the surface (roof element) if you are adjusting some thing then only result will change.
(like for surface 0 intersect with 1 elements and after change 2 elements)
for knowing more i need to know more about the surface and other part of the script.
But i think you got what you want,
Now you are other issue with the inputs

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After simplify previous step of script it works, i don’t know what was the reason but now it is ok :smiley:
Thank you!

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