I try to check intersection between each sloped surfaces form one axis and each one from another,
it is my firs approach

but it is not work. I am beginner in Python. Is it problem with syntax, or mabye with import?

import sys
import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

surf_x = IN[0]
surf_y = IN[1]
output =

for x in surf_x:
inlist =
for y in surf_y:
if x.DoesIntersect(y):

OUT = output

What’s the error message?


It says you’re feeding it with a boolean instead of a geometry.

I notice your lists are a mix of surfaces and falses.
Try it with just surfaces.

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You have right, now it’s work, but I need to left same numeration for next step

I try another approach to this example

but I don’t understand why first surface have only one intersection with surface on other axis

Than you very much, I will be greateful if you have an idea and can explain what can be wrong with this method