Does automate propagate 2D Grid extents exist?


Just wondering if something like this exist or can be done:

When using 2D gridlines and you want to replicate them in another views you need to turn off crop view and scope box on both views, then select grids, propagate extents, select views and then turn on again all crop views and/or scope boxes on all the views.

A macro or workflow that propagate extents from the current view to all the selected ones and does all the process internally would be great.

I can try with some help and at least learn in the process.


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do you mean maximize extents?

I mean propagate extents once clicked in the 2D/3D little icon.
2D makes the Grid line extents independent for the current view, while if the Grid is in β€˜β€˜3D mode’’ it is common for all the views (except the ones with the Grid in 2D mode, of course).

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