Documenting the changes in the parameter

I am using the Data Shapes nodes to track changes in two versions of my models. It does point out the elements that have been changed/deleted. What I am after is, a way to see what parameters of those elements have changed? and also document the changes may be by exporting into excel.

Seeking inputs from all you experts. Thanks in advance.

Please post some work, screen captures, etc. See the FAQ post: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Thanks for the reply Tom, As you can see there are 4 doors which have some changes made in their parameters. Now, how can I find what parameters have been changed?

Element.Parameters into a list.sort for the elements in the new and old file. @Konrad_K_Sobon has some excellent nodes for selecting elements in linked models in his archilab package.

After you get the data out of the models, you will want to use a List.Transpose node and then write each to a separate sheet (or otherwise organize them for one sheet) in your desired excel file.

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Thanks for your reply Jacob. I did that earlier, it is helpful but I am trying to retrieve the parameters of only those elements that have changed. Is there a way where the data from the old and new model can be compared and the changed information could be highlighted? I will post a picture of my attempts soon. thanks again.

You have your list of elements in the watchnode for your script. You can now pull their parameters and compare values either in excel or dynamo directly.

As Jacob said, you have your element list, now access the other model and pass that element list thru Element.ByID (Clockwork Package). Potentially then you could create a list of each element’s parameters while organizing them in similar order, use Object to String and compare those lists of strings to find where they diverge.

thanks for the suggestions guys. I am able to do it on excel, trying to automate it further. I will ask again if I am stuck. thanks