Document Set Project Position

Dear professional,
Good afternoon,
I am looking for the node or a python script reference which can set the project location according to values which I can give. I need to update around 50 revit models in BIM 360. Because you can not publish coordinates to revit models which are placed in bim 360 I would like to do it with dynamo.
Open each model with dynamo and set the coordinates.
So far I I found some good nodes from Orchid which do this job but with opened (current document) and I need to do the same things with opened documents by dynamo. I found a working node that can give me current position but I need to find the way how to set my values values instead of reporting the current ones.

Please help

I don’t quite get it
so you want to get the position from file path, and write that to the current model?

Hi, thank you for your reply.
I want to set the project position in the revit file which is opened as a Doc, save it and close, open the next one and to do the same with as many revit files as I have

Maybe here:

the main problem is to set the desired values to a project location.
Geniusloci has similar name Set ProjectLocationByName but this node just setting the current site location by it’s name from here :

just look at the revitapi, seems it only allows to modify the project position in current model…unless you link them together
if anyone knows how I would like to know too.