Divide surface by area

Hi ! Is there a method in dynamo to divide a surface in subsurfaces with specified area ? for example main surface has 100 sqm to be divided in surface with area (20 , 30 ,50 sqm )

No, but you could create isocurves on the U and V axis and use those to split it up based on the parameters given (0.2 = 20% of the surface, 0.5 = 50% of the surface, etc).

Thanks , but it works only on one direction (U or V ) to divide an odd number

You can use the combination of U and V to make the function you are after, but the math gets harder and the understanding of where/how to divide the original surface gets difficult (10% of the overall area isn’t 0.1 parameter in both directions). The ratio and proportion of the two dimensions matter quite a bit for how this is scaled, adding a degree of complexity which isn’t easily overcome in a consistent manor.

This complexity is expanded exponentially if your initial surface is an odd shape (imagine taking the area of an amoeba doing yoga instead of a 10 x 10 square).